Please note that these Terms of Service are only applicable to using the TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) located at TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss and all of its sub-domains. This website and its service are the property of TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss Inc (hereinafter referred to as “Company”). The terms herein present the details of how the TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss works while also describing any and all rights and responsibilities associated with them. The Company and the website’s Terms of Service, any and all related guidance and instructions, as well as any similar information on our Website, will also be applicable to the way you use the TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss (known altogether as the "Agreement"). By your use of this website and/or our Service, you hereby agree to all of the terms of service herein. In the event that you do not agree, please DO NOT utilize this website and/or our Service.

The Company (in its sole discretion) is reserving it's legal right to make (at any time whatsoever) amendments, changes, and modifications, as well as additions or removal of any portion(s) of the herein stated Terms of Service, at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms periodically. Continuing to use the Website and/or its Service indicates your full acceptance and agreement to the Agreement and any/all changes. As long as you are in agreement and compliance with all of the Terms herein, the Company is granting to you the limited privilege for entering and using the Website and the Service, which is not only non-exclusive but also personal and non-transferable as well.


1.1. Terms of this Agreement ("Terms") are between the Company (also referred to as "our", "us", or "we", or ) and yourself (also referred as "you", "your" or "Customer"), as the individual who will access and use the Website and its Service.

1.2. Terminology:

1.2.1. When "Cryptocurrency" or "Cryptocurrencies" are referred to, that is a reference to the digital currencies that are peer-to-peer as well as distributed and decentralized: "Bitcoins" refers to the Cryptocurrency referred to as Bitcoin; "Altcoins" refers to any/all Cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin, like “Litecoin”, “Ethereum” and “Dash”;
1.2.2. "Miners" are a reference to any/all individuals who have registered for the purpose of mining Altcoins and/or Bitcoins via a Cloud Machine. If and when you have successfully applied as an administrator of a Cloud Machine, you will then become a Miner;
1.2.3. "Mining Pool" refers to an organized Cryptocurrency miners association and members therein are working together for the purpose of mining Cryptocurrencies. Said Cryptocurrencies will be available for distribution amongst the members based upon their specific contribution to that particular mining by each one on an individual basis;
1.2.4. "Mining Hardware" refers to any computer hardware that is solely owned by the Company and utilized for mining Cryptocurrencies and providing the Service;
1.2.5. The current mining power of any hardware being utilized for mining Cryptocurrencies is Gh/s, which is mining algorithm specific (X11, SHA-256, and Script, etc);
1.2.6. "Cloud Machine" will be the processing power related to the Service that is bought by and administered by a Miner who uses the Website;
1.2.7. "Service" is a mining service that is cloud-hosted, enabling Miners to mine Cryptocurrencies remotely for themselves via our Website and Mining Hardware;
1.2.8. "Helpdesk", “Customer Support” or just "Support" is the tech support service of the Company and provided via email or via an internal ticket system, available in the knowledge base/FAQ at TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss Customers can locate the answers to their general questions there as well as requesting assistance via submittal of a help request;
1.2.9. The Service’s graphical user interface is called the "Panel" is, which is the method whereby Miners can interact for the purpose of performing any and all actions that may be related to the Service;
1.2.10. TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss hereby refers as "Website" includes any emails, apps and other features may use for providing the services of TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss;
1.2.11. "Payouts" are periodic credits to your Balance, depending upon your Cloud Machine. Please be advised that the Company has the right to decide upon changing the frequency of Payouts at any given time;
1.2.12. "Fees" refer to electricity and maintenance fees, which will be $0.00 in TikMining.Com-Mine Bitcoin Like a Boss. We do not charge any fees for electricity or maintenance;
1.2.13. "Account" refers to your personal Service access, which will be further described in section 6;
1.2.14. "Balance" refers to a personal Account balance;
1.2.15. "Contract" refers to access to the Cloud Machine of any specific Service rate;
1.2.16. "Contract Term" refers to a time period for which any Miner has entered an agreement for paying for the right to be administering a Cloud Machine;
1.2.17. Any account can be placed on "Hold" as a security measure for preventing said Account from any withdrawals;
1.2.18. "Pre-order" refers to a Contract having a future start date, which is only estimated and is therefore subject to change;
1.2.19. "Partner Programs" and "Referral Programs" are the functionality allowing Customers the ability to receive financial rewards for Contracts that have been bought by other Customers;
1.2.22. "Referral Link" refers to a URL containing a Referral Code, allowing new Customers the opportunity of registering with the Company;
1.2.23. A "Referral" is referring to a Customer who has registered with the Company via the Referral Link of another Customer;
1.2.24. A "Referrer" is referring to any Customer who allowed another Customer to register via their Referral Link;
1.2.25. A "Referral Bonus" refers to is a reward received by a Referrer for any Referral Purchase;
1.2.26. An "Affiliate Network" refers to third-party websites that allow any individual (with/without the benefit of a Company Account) to be receiving financial rewards in payment for any/all Company Contracts that are bought by referred Customers.

1.3. The Terms herein shall apply to any/all mining undertaken by Customer, forming a legal agreement between Customer and the Company upon acceptance of your Account application.

1.4. Should a conflict ever arise between the Company’s instructions, the Website terms of use, and the terms of service herein set forth, the aforementioned terms of service shall take priority.


1.6. When you apply for Miner registration, you confirm that you fully understand and accept all of the terms of service herein and that you are also in agreement to be bound by them. It is recommended that you check our Website regularly to stay on top of any terms of service changes.

1.7. Application for registration is only open to individuals who:
1.7.1. are 18 years of age or over; and
1.7.2. Can do so legally.


2.1. Any/all information contained herein related to Cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrency mining provided, posted, and/or published by the Company is subject to change at any given time.


3.1. Due to the fact that Cryptocurrencies are not necessarily appropriate for every individual, it is recommended that you learn something about them, prior to any mining. Risks can include:
3.1.1. Currency fluctuations;
3.1.2. Unconfirmed Cryptocurrency transactions are not completed;
3.1.3. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible;
3.1.4. Cryptocurrencies can be lost;
3.1.5. There are unknown technical defects that are inherent in Cryptocurrencies; and
3.1.6. New regulations can impact Cryptocurrency use.


4.1. When you make an application for registration, you are entering into an agreement that may not be withdrawn.
4.2. If we, in our sole discretion, accept your registration application, the agreement between us will be both legal and enforceable and you will not be able to cancel said agreement nor have any eligibility for a refund in whole or in part.


5.1. The Terms of Service herein will be valid indefinitely, even following the termination of your Account.
5.2. Any Contract bearing a stated expiration date ends on that date.


6.1. Account registration requires submission of certain personal information, including a valid email address. Withdrawal of funds requires at least one Cryptocurrency wallet.


7.1. You ARE only allowed to mine Cryptocurrencies for your own use and you hereby confirm that you will not act on behalf of any other individual or entity.
7.2. You will be liable and solely responsible for any/all use of the Service or Website under your Account, Username and/or Password.


8.1. You are hereby in agreement to comply with all laws and regulations that are applicable.
8.2. Any exploitation of errors in the Website design or program bugs for personal gain is strictly forbidden and it is your responsibility to ensure reporting of your findings to


9.1. During your Contract Term, you are authorized to use the Website only for:

9.1.1. Amending or updating your contact and/or registration details;
9.1.2. Deactivating, reactivating, or terminating your Account (with customer support’s assistance);
9.1.3. Changing your login email (with customer support’s assistance);
9.1.4. Change your wallet addresses;


10.1. Your Balance refers to your personal fund amount available for use.
10.2. Mined funds shall be transmitted to your Balance directly;


11.1. The Website and the Service are provided on an "AS IS" basis and we remain liable only for providing our services therein using reasonable care and skills.
11.2. We are not providing any other warranty regarding the Service or the Website.


All comments, complaints, or questions should be directed to Customer Support and we will do our very best to provide a response within 24 hours.

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