What is Tik Mining?

Mine Bitcoin With Just One Click - Tik Mining Makes It Easy for Everyone to Earn 24/7 with NO Experience & No Big Investment

Tik Mining is registered in London, No 15263879.You have heard about people getting rich mining bitcoin. But figured only tech experts could do it. Tik Mining has made it easy and affordable for anyone to have their own mining operation. Produce highly profitable bitcoin around the clock with no expensive equipment, skills, or knowledge.

One click to Start Mining Bitcoin & Variety of Altcoins

Our highly experienced team can help you get started, then assist in managing your miner so you earn profits even when you're sleeping. We're based in the UK with customer service team in Hong Kong to answer any questions you have.

For more than a decade the founders of Tik Mining have been leaders in CryptoCurrency trading and bitcoin mining. The system reduces mining costs to maximize your revenues in both bear and bull markets. No matter what the world economy does, you mine will continue to earn profits.

Join NOW and Receive 100 gh/s and FREE Litecoin Bonus

New members are automatically awarded a generous 100 gh/s and FREE Litecoin Bonus that you can withdraw and use immediately. Then get 5-10% commission daily by referring friends and associates.

* Buy Bitcoin Hash Power to instantly mine bitcoins. Tik Mining makes mining EASY for everyone.

* We GUARANTEE Your Refund at Any Time, If you find mining is not for you, we will return your money with no questions asked. It's a no-risk opportunity rarely seen these days.

* Minimum Deposit is JUST $15 with minimum withdrawal of $5. You never need to pay a deposit or withdrawal fee.

* Deposit Bitcoin,Dogecoin , Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, BNB, TRX, ETH to mine Dogecoin.

Up And Mining 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Our farms are located in the US, Australia, Iceland, Tajikistan and more. This ensures your mine will always be up and producing. We have a capable team of 150 skilled employees powered by more than $350 million in investor funds.

Dedicated to Helping YOU Become a Millionaire

Our vision is to help you mine bitcoin easily and efficiently. Making mining easier for men and women in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Our goal is to help 500,000 people mine bitcoin to become millionaires within the next 10 years. Are you up for the challenge?

Let's get YOU started! Join Tik Mining now and create your own bitcoin miner with just one click to start.

Smart cloud mining advantages

Easy Setup

No need to monitor, No setting up equipment and no maintenance

Peace And Quiet

No dealing with excessive heat, noise or electricity bill

Secured Return

Profit can be predicted and return is guaranteed

Affiliate Program

Earn more using referral and promotional programs